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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One Year Old!

I can't believe how this year has gone by already! Victor is growing up too fast :o( Here's a few facts about our "baby"...

He LOVES to play with balls.

He's a fantastic hugger. He'll lay his head on you and say, "huh".

He is in awe with his older siblings and I can tell already he's trying to do the stuff they can!

He giggles just like Dirk did when he is super tired and his laugh is contagious.

He goes to bed SO well. Just hand him his Nuk and lay him down.

He is learning his animal sounds - and moo's at the pics of cows.

If he's not playing with balls, he likes to grab his little board books and "read" them.

He's the second best screamer I've ever heard (second only to his sister).

His favorite food is anything you are eating. :o)

He's a wonderful baby, and I love him to pieces!

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