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Friday, September 12, 2008

Marcie's Going Away Party

Can't believe Marcie leaves on Monday already. She'll be studying in England for this school year. So we'll head back to good ol' NR and have a little party. I hear Pizza Hut pizza is the menu item of choice for her last meal. Sounds good to me! :o)

I'm doing well. Tired, but keeping up. We have lots of meetings all over the place, but we are having lots of fun! I'm still working like normal. I'll keep that up as long as I can. Makes this pregnancy go by faster!

Ryan is keeping busy between both furniture stores. He's doing very well at sales! I like hearing how well he's doing every day. He has some fun competitions with fellow coworkers to get them to sell more. We'll have a busy month in October, as he has only one day off, and that's the day he goes to Omaha.

Kids are also doing great. Eve is talking everyone's ear off that will give her any ounce of attention. Her vocabulary is increasing more and more. But she's caught a few phrases from something on a video that I didn't know was on there and therefore I have my work cut out to teach her not to say it. She's still not always sleeping thru the night and usually ends up in our bed every other night. I never cared when Ryan was working overnights, but three's a crowd now.

Derrick seems to also be learning by leaps and bounds. I wish we could have had him in preschool this fall, but wintertime will be just fine. He has a number of preschool books that we go thru to learn how to write numbers and letters. He also learned how to draw stick figures! It's so neat - he only draws his Turtles, but it's a start. I'll have to get him to draw one on paper instead of our chalkboard so I can keep a copy of it.

Well, I'd better go. Need to find a sitter for tonight and tomorrow night yet. Why do I keep waiting until the last minute?

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