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Friday, September 19, 2008


Well, it's been almost a year since our car accident. I went into the chiropractor today and said that I'm still having problems with my hips. Hard to explain, but there are many days a week that when I walk, it's like a nerve is getting pinched or my muscles are so tight that it's actually painful and difficult to walk. I suffer thru it, like I've done with any injury in my life. But I'm getting annoyed with it bcuz I'm not able to work as much as I'd like to on closing shifts. So, Dr. Paula suggested we do some physical therapy to get some stability back in my hips. I'm up for anything right now. Just sitting here I can feel a knot in my butt. I've tried doing several stretches a day, but at times I can't get my leg to move to get back up. Something's going on and I'm giving into going in for help. With baby on the way, it may only get worse if I don't get it figured out. Hopefully it's something simple, a certain stretch or exercise I am not currently doing that will heal me up!

Kids have been going to be so much better lately now that one falls asleep in our room, and the other in their room. Kind of a pain to do that and it may be a hard habit to break later, but I'll take any nights without fights at bedtime any way I can!

We went to the library yesterday and the kids picked out a couple of videos. They are currently in the Barbie Nutcracker movie. Derrick picked out a Land Before Time video, which I really like. All the Land movies have had some sort of theme in it to reinforce in the kids, this one is listening to their parents. And when I asked Derrick what the movie was about, he said that! I was impressed he understood. AND he listened very well yesterday. I made sure to comment on that to him that I like it when he listens to me the FIRST time I tell him to do something.

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