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Sunday, September 28, 2008


Here's some pics from Josie and Emily!

One-year ago today, we had our accident. We're very thankful that we had very few injuries (ones that healed quickly), and that we found a new vehicle we love!

I'm now 26 weeks. WOW! Only 13 to go! (I get to knock off 1 week since they are scheduling the day so I don't go into labor.) Since I have HUGE babies, maybe I can talk her into going even earlier, before Christmas. But we'll see ;o) Feeling pretty good, except for my hip, especially after my closing shifts. Ready to fall asleep right now, but I'm getting used to needing some extra down time/rest/sleep.

Emily came over to play (you can "meet" her in some pics below) today with the kids so Josie and I could go look at some houses. It was soooo fun! Especially laughing at the house where the kitchen had no sink and had a urinal. NEW house. Not some old run-down house, one in the Tour of Homes. Crazy! But we got some good laughs. And some good ideas for our future homes. Eve was NOT ok with there being another kid in the house to play with her toys, Ryan said she was incredibly jealous of Emily. Derrick loved having her around, showing her toys, etc. So, just as he was with Eve, he'll be a very good Big Brother to the new baby. Eve is the one that probably won't take it so well. She's the baby, and makes sure everyone knows that!

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