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Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Camera!

Ok I don't have the new camera yet, but I've been saving my fun $ for weeks now and I have enough saved up to finally get one! I appreciated that my mom and dad gave me their old one, but it just doesn't take pics like I'd like it to - NOW! With two kids, I need something that takes pics when I push the button. And one that will take a video longer than 15 seconds. I really miss taking videos of them talking. They have the goofiest stories.

The library visit today went much better than the last. They agreed pretty quickly on a video, and they found lots of books they wanted. Since we go there every other day practically, I limit their books to one each. But with this whole new section of books, I let them have more. They are enjoying "reading" them as I type. Sort of. Now they are swinging stuff around. So that didn't last long. Can't wait for them to learn to read on their own. I'm not into reading that much, but I think when they are more into chapter books and not so much just picture books, I'll enjoy it more. I'm reading the 5 Minute Bible Stories to them every night - one chapter each night. And I like that. They get restless, but they know that's the only book I'll read to them before bedtime.

I also found a daycare that will take the kids on a "drop-in" status. I only need someone on Tuesdays over the lunch hour. I'm still waiting to hear back from a friend of mine to see if she can take them. So we'll see who we go with. I also need a sitter every Friday from 4 til Ryan's done with work - usually around 5-515. So less than 6 hours a week I need someone, but it's been hard to find :o( Without paying for a full 50 hours a week! I can't imagine having my kids in daycare full-time. There are many days I wouldn't mind shipping them off, but I'd want them back the next day. And it will be all too soon when Derrick enters kindergarten and is gone all day. I can't believe it's less than a year away already. Time to teach him to write his letters! We have a bunch of books he loves to go thru - fun games on top, lines to write on the bottom of each page. He's more into the game parts, obviously. But he has written a few numbers and letters very well. He can write his name, but not so well yet. And only if you write it first, then he writes it below. He's so smart, as soon as I put the time and effort into really showing him how to do it, I know he'll catch on. He's great at drawing and coloring (and staying within the lines!). It's one of his favorite things to do!

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