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Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Gran!

Happy Birthday, Gran!! We love you!

We finally decided on insurance last night. Nothing like waiting until the last second, almost literally! We needed it to start today. So we are all covered, and we'll hopefully never have to use it. But it's there just in case. And I'm glad it's finally taken care of.

I'm about 22 weeks now. Can't believe how fast this one is going by. Baby is pretty calm. I hardly feel him/her kick, and when I do, it's not much. I know that can change, but I'm soooooo hoping this baby is more like Ryan than me, I can't take another one like me - I've already got 2!

Derrick has been doing summersaults all night. Oh, excuse me. "Turtle Rolls" is what he's calling them. He is so into the Ninja Turtles it's crazy!

Eve's pronounciation is getting so much better. She will talk your ear off, be forewarned if you ever come in contact with her. All I want is peace and quiet and I never get it if that girl is awake. I feel bad for her teachers already. But it's fun talking to her and getting her perspective on things.

I bought a new vacuum as ours hasn't really worked for such a long period of time I don't even want to tell you. I'm looking forward to it's arrival so I can get this house clean! The kids and I spent 45 minutes in the basement separating out the toys and picking them up. Sad part is I'm only about 1/4 of the way done. Well, maybe more since I spent most of the time picking up legos. The rest should go by quicker - just chuck the toys in the toybox! Or the garbage. My choice :o)

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