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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

8 Years!

Yesterday was our 8th Anniversary! We went out to the Mongolian Grill, which we both LOVE. However, before my food was done cooking, I got a call from work. A lady in my section left her keys, and I left a message at her home that I had them in my apron, and if she didn't pick them up by the end of my shift, I'd put them in the manager's office at check-out and she can pick them up at her convenience. HOWEVER, I never checked out - I just cupped my checkout and gave it to the manager and left. Her keys were still in my apron! Oh I felt so bad! So I had to leave, run home, get the keys, run up to Applebee's where she was waiting, and then go back to finish dinner. Of course I hit every stop light on the way there! We had a babysitter until 8[m so I had to call and make sure it was ok if we stayed out an extra 30 minutes so I could eat with Ryan. It was so rushed I hardly enjoyed it :o( But it was still nice to celebrate with Ryan.

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