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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Update on Victor

This morning we had a pediatric dermatologist appt for Victor's "thing" on his collarbone. It's a brachial cleft cyst, and does need to be removed. It will not cause him any harm, but it will never go away on its own. Not so sure I like the idea of my baby going under anesthesia, so we have lots of research and questions to ask. He also has a mastocytoma on his back. What it is, is a mole type thing that if scratched or irritated, releases hystamine or something like that. Nothing to worry about, unless his body becomes flecked with them. But she didn't seem worried about either one. Oh kid, your gonna make your Mom's hair turn gray! So, continue with prayers for him, and us as we decide how to proceed.

On a fun note - they LOVED him there! He was all giggly and waving like he did in the video below :o)

AND he started mimicking what we say to him! He's started saying "Dadadada" when we say it to him! Ryan's been working with him to say "Mamama", but he wouldn't do it an dstarted saying "Dadadada" instead Hahaha! He's growing up so fast :o)

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