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Friday, August 28, 2009

Dirk's Kindergarten Checkup

Dirk had his Kindergarten checkup this morning. We pushed it off so long so that he could spend 10 days at Gran and Grandpa's house. I still hear stories from him of how fun it was! He had such a good time. And came back with way too many toys! :o)

Dirk is 49 1/2 inches tall, and 61 1/2 pounds. He said he wants to be big like Dad. I think he's on his way! I can't believe he's over 4 feet tall! He's going to be looking me in the eye in just a few short years! He was a real trooper. He had to have 4 shots and have his finger pricked. He was not so happy about any of it, but received lots of little goodies for being so brave and not crying. I asked him if he wanted a strawberry shake or a new coloring book for being so good, he obviously wanted a new coloring book. That boy can color like there is no tomorrow! I should scan a few of his drawings and show them off. He's pretty good for 5!

This afternoon we head up to Loyola for a conference with his teacher. That should be interesting with 3 kids. I was not able to find a sitter as of yet, but I figured there is plenty of toys in a Kindergarten room to keep them all occupied!

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