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Monday, August 31, 2009

Interview with Evie

Here are a bunch of questions I asked Evie, just for fun, to see how she'd answer them :o)

What does Mom always tell you? Um, Go to bed!

What makes Mom happy? Cake. Does cake make you happy, Mom?

What makes Mom sad? Um. I don't know.

What does Mom do to make Eve laugh? Tickle.

What was Mommy like when Mommy was a little girl? See that Barbie on top of the TV? That's what you played with when you were a little kid.

How old is Mommy? I don't know. 6! 6!

How tall is Mommy? Ummm... This big! (Holding one hand way up above her head)

What is Mommy's favorite thing to do? Play at Applebee's (I guess I don't work there) and make cookies. (Um, yeah, that is a no. I don't like making cookies! That's what Daddy does in our house.)

What does Mommy do when Evie is not with Mommy? Make cookies (I'm sensing she wants cookies).

What is Mommy really good at? I don't know. Starving. (What?)

What does Mommy do at work? Makes some more money.

What's Mommy's favorite food? Cereal! Cereal! Cereal! (um, ok)

If Mommy was on TV, what should she be? A car.

What does Evie like to do with Mommy? Play games.

How is Evie and Mommy the same? Playing games!

How is Evie and Mommy different? I don't know.

Where is Mommy's favorite place to go? Applebee's. Mommy, why are you laughing at me? (lol!)

What's Mommy's favorite color? Pink! (um, that's a definite no.)

What's Mommy's favorite movie? The shark movie. (I'm guessing she means Shark Tale)

What's Evie's favorite movie? Pony ones! (duh)

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