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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crawling and Babbling

Tonight I put Victor on the carpet in the living room so I could get a few things done in the kitchen. Next thing I knew I was staring at him, and I KNEW what was about to happen! I just stood there in awe at my little man taking his first "steps" and crawling! I saw the look in his eyes and knew he was about to crawl to get that toy he wanted! He's officially mobile! I ran upstairs to tell Ryan, and he responded, "Yeah, I know." EXCUSE ME? He's done this before and you failed to tell his MOM!?!?! Men.

Plus Victor has been saying, "dadadada" when you do it to him. Tonight he started "mamamamama"! Yay! Now we'll see how long it takes him to put 2 and 2 together and realize it means "dada" and "mama". Ok, maybe I can wait on that part, as I already have two saying, "Mom. Mom. Mom! Mom! MOM! MOM!" all the time! :o)

Plus in two more sleeps Dirk is off to Gran and Grandpa's house for TEN DAYS! He's so incredibly excited I can't even begin to tell you how much. I can tell Eve isn't so thrilled as her best friend will be gone, and then just a few days after he returns he heads off to Kindergarten, so we will make sure her time is filled with fun stuff she only gets to do while Dirk is gone - like taking a trip to the Martin County Fair to check out the horses, or we'll go to LeAnn's farm to ride a horse! She's so excited for that! Plus I have a few things saved up at Applebee's for a free meal and dessert, so I will probably treat her one day also. Any other suggestions - send them my way!

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