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Thursday, September 3, 2009


Here's a conversation I had with Dirk after school today...

M - So, Dirk, what are some names of kids that are in your class?
D - I don't know. Grant got to be the leader today.
M - Oh yeah? One day the teacher will let you be the leader.
D - Yeah.
M - I remember there was a girl named Elyse in your class.
D - Yep. She sits next to me! I like her.
M - Oh really?
D - Yep. Her hair is as high as Evie's. (Eve has short hair, not long hair now lol)
M - Yeah? What color is it?
D - It's lighter than Eve's.
M - Like blonde?
D - Yep!
M - Is she a cutie pie?
D - No, she's a pretty pie. (He had a cute grin on his face!)

I KNEW she'd be blonde. He's had a thing for blondes since he was 15 months old! Too cute! I can't wait to see this little girl tomorrow when I drop Dirk off for school! Maybe I'll be "That Mom" and bring a camera lol!

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