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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Victor's Stats

WOW! I've been bad about updating the last 2 weeks! So sorry!

Victor had his 8-9 month checkup yesterday morning. And this is bad, I didn't get his stats written down and now I forgot! I know he was at least 29 inches, as they mentioned he grew more than 2 inches in 2 months, so that much I know. And I remember that his weight was XX pounds and 10 ounces. What a horrible mommy I am! I'll have to call up there and bug them, or just get them in December when I bring him in for his *gulp* ONE YEAR checkup! Man, that's coming quickly. Otherwise, he's nice and healthy. We will be going forward with the surgery to remove his brachial cleft cyst. I just need to clarify some info with the insurance, and then get it all set up for January. We'd like to wait until he's at least one since he'll have general anesthesia. That just doesn't settle well with me, but, the doc really recommends getting it taken care of before it causes problems. Which I agree with. I just don't like it!

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