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Friday, September 25, 2009

Derrick-ism & Evie-ism

The other day, I had all three kids and we were walking Dirk to the bus stop. Dirk had picked up one of those green and black nuts that look like little apples, walnuts??? Anyways, here's the conversation...

D - Mom, look! I found a coconut!
E - A cookie nut?! Yummy!
M - A coconut, Eve.
E - Oh.
M - Actually, Dirk, that is a walnut. And it's turning black, so it's yucky. Throw it in the grass. (I know it doesn't go bad, but I didn't need him carrying that onto the school bus and getting his clothes all dirty, etc.)
D - Where do coconuts come from?
M - A coconut tree.
D - Oh. (You can just see the little wheels in his head turning, and catching the ideas of apples to apple trees, and oranges to orange trees, etc.)

Jeez. She's such a sweet person! LOL! That girl and her chocolate.

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