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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9 Months Old!!

Where did the time go?!

Check out Victor's pics we just had taken!

login - carriezeldenrust@yahoo.com
password - carebear

I chose pic #6. It was a tough decision this time around. There is one where he is standing up with the perfect smile! But his pants are bunched up in an area I didn't want pointed out, if you get what I mean! :o) And they were not able to crop the picture without it looking "pixel-y". Oh well, I like the one I chose.

WOW! Seriously! 9 months old! Here are the milestones he's accomplished so far in his young life...

8 teeth
1 molar (although I should check tonight to see if that second one finally broke thru!)
Crawling too fast
Pulls himself to a standing position
Standing and walking around furniture (AH!)
Holds a bottle all by himself, can self feed (SO NICE!) cheerios or bits of cheese, etc.
Can climb one stair, but luckily stops there!
Babbling - mamama, dadada
"Dances" to music - the cutest thing! I have to catch this on video for you!
Is very good at opening the drawer containing lids, removing them, and dispersing them all over the kitchen floor
Great cuddler (when he's tired, otherwise he's too interested in what the kids are doing to stay with Mom)
Best squealer since Eve
Very happy boy! I totally love this little guy!

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