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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gran & Grandpa's House!

My two girls


Haha! Love Eve's face,
Love Sylvia looking away

Eve loved this little photo shoot with
her baby sister

Are those all my kids?
All smiling?
Hey Miss Snooty.

Victor kept saying "Cheese!"
He wanted to get his pic taken by his baby sister :o)
Oh. What is that?
Can I reach it?

I think I am printing this off in an 8x10
and not getting her 4 month pic taken and use this!
Which is bigger -
Syllie's eye
the ornament???
My two boys
adoring Gran's tree

Isn't Gran's tree beautiful?!
It's gorgeous.
And so are my boys :o)
Dirk and Victor visiting Gran
in the hospital

Ok. Besides 4 bedrooms and a yard,
a MUST HAVE on my new house list
is a "Cacuzzi" tub as the kids call it!
I have never seen Dirk's face like this -
This was the BEST THING EVER in his mind!
The boys in the "cacuzzi" before the bubbles began.

Dirk wanted to play the piano,
but did not want his pic taken.
He kept playing the piano and saying,
"I know how to play and I've never
had any lessons!" Yeah, we know, kid. haha
Victor and Daddy playing the piano

Victor's bday present from Gran and Grandpa!
Oh does he love this little garage.
And put his foot on it so no one else could play.
Sylvia eating the towel after her bath
(in a regular bathtub, no jacuzzi for her yet)

Haha! I love her face!
She loved Gran's soft towels
She really needed a bath,
and loved it!

These two were inseparable.
Hans and Eve
Victor hiding under Uncle Britt
and Auntie Christine's table
(He took some really nice pics this week there!)
Dad, Goofy Dirk, and Uncle Britt

Eve and her Hansie
(Hockey as Victor pronounces)

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