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Monday, January 17, 2011

My Walgreen's Run

My Downtown Mankato Walgreen's had some great clearance items - paired with coupons, you'll see it was quite a great deal!

4 Keebler Ready Crusts on clearance for 49c/each = $1.96
4 Domino brown sugar on clearance for 24c/each = 96c
2 Pantene hair products on clearance for $1.59 each - used $3 off 2 Pantene products = 18c
1 Fructis shampoo on clearance for $1.09 - used $1 off Fructis shampoo = 9c
*They had quite a few products on clearance on an end cap at the back, left corner of the store!
2 Troli candies (should have been B1G1 @$1.49, but I had a large coupon, so I didn't argue in case it would beep my coupon) $1.69 - used a company coupon $1.50 = 19c
4 Halls cough drops $1 each - used 2 $1 off coupons plus 2 B1G1 coupons (they are all over up at the Hilltop Hy-Vee! I've stocked up for a sale like this!) = FREE
2 Lindsay Olives (Ryan's fave) on sale for 2/$4 - used in ad coupon (took $2.02 off) = 99c each

Total $5.37 + tax AND a $2 off catalina printed off from Procter and Gamble! BONUS since I bought 2 Pantenes on clearance! Wish I had more coupons for that deal!

Saved $36.18

And my cashier was a younger man, and I always get a kick out of them liking the end total :o)

We have 3 Walgreen's around here, so since each store has different clearance, I decided to hit up the North Mankato one for this...

Not much on clearance we needed except the French's Fried Onions for 79c each - used 2 - 75c coupons and 2 - 50c coupons, making them 58c total
I used the $2 catalina from the first Walgreen's Run to buy 2 Reese's at 2/$2 = FREE
And the cashier talked me into to sugar free gum at 50c each :o) I caved.

Total $1.88 + tax
Saved $11.26

So, I spent $7.03 + tax and saved $47.44 Not too bad :o)

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Stephanie said...

Great work!