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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Eve!

9# 10oz
21 inches




Happy Birthday, Your Royal Highness!
There is definitely no dull moments in our home with this Princess around! She makes us laugh on a daily basis. I absolutely LOVE all the Eve-isms she gives to us. Yesterday was her birthday, and Friday night she informed me that there should be balloons and a sign (banner) for her but not to tell her what they look like, that was to be a surprise to her. (Ok honey) And even though I'm not a fan of birthdays, I put that aside and went and bought a Tinkerbell, Princess and a crown balloons just for her. And a banner. She liked them. I said she could pick out whatever she wanted for her birthday lunch, snacks and dinner. For dinner, she said she was going to eat cookies "Because it's my birthday and I can eat whatever I want to on my birthdays." I didn't let that one happen!
She is SO ready for Kindergarten and even though I'm sure I'll cry on her big day, we are SO ready for her to go! But cannot wait for the stories her teacher will tell us :o)

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