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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


AHHHH! I've been offline for a week! I'm going thru withdrawals, as I'm sure you are also without any updates from us :o)

Britt and Christine's wedding is finally over, and it went very well. She looked beautiful! And the kids can no longer call her "Almost Auntie Christine". We'll have to drop the "almost". The only complaint I have is that I didn't get my family picture I asked for :o( I've been waiting months for it! I was so mad!

I also survived the trip. Altho my hip is in some pretty bad pain right now. I have some heating packs and some stretching to do tonight to help it go away. I hope it works!

Enjoy the pics, I have a bunch of them! Sorry they are all over. I would accidently hit the wrong button, but it's taking forever to download them, so I didn't want to delete them and start over. Deal with it :o)

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Kris said...

OMG Carrie, Eve so looks like you! They are getting so big.