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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pink Cake

I got my pink cake! I got my pink cake! I got my pink cake!

Yesterday G and Papa came for a visit. We went to the park for a picnic and I finally got the pink cake I've been telling people G was making me (before G knew she was going to have to make me one!). I ate all the pink frosting, then I said I wanted to go play. That's all I really wanted :o)

The park had fun slides and animals and birds to look at. I even saw a peacock put all his feathers up. He's a big birdie when he does that, with pretty colors.

We had fun with G and Papa. G got me 2 bags of clothes, that I had to try on until I found the shirt I wanted to wear. G also got Dirkie 2 Turtle shirts - he LOVES them! And we have some new puzzles we've been playing with all morning.

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Stella said...

What a wonderful pink cake, Evie! I hope it had lots of sprinkles!! :)