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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tomorrow We are Off!

Tomorrow, right from work, we'll be leaving for Indiana. I'm about 1/2 packed up. Once the kids are asleep tonight is when I'll get the other 1/2 of my packing done, with Ryan getting his done tomorrow when I'm at work. It'll be nice to have the next 5 days off from work!

So, tonight yet - I have to find a kennel for Zale. Oops. Then we'll priceline a hotel. Kids will LOVE swimming in the pool again. Pack up my clothes and shoes. And do the dishes. I'm so bummed my dishwasher broke. Oh well. It was fabulous to have one for the last few years! I'll get a new one in the new house next spring/summer time.

Ryan also started work officially today! He's selling furniture again and is really enjoying it. Today was pretty slow, but he was excited that he was kicking everyone's butt in sales :o) He's such a competitor! But when it comes down to it - it's based on commission, so he's in the best position. He'll only be at this store for 8 weeks as it is going out of business. So we'll see where he is after that!

Ok, I'd better go. I'll upload pics of this weekend if I'm able to from the inlaw's computer. We should arrive in Indiana early Thursday morning (plan is around 1-2am). Then Thursday morning I'm helping set up for the wedding. Friday is my THIRTIETH birthday! Whoa! And the wedding. So we'll see what I get to do for fun that day :o) Then the rest of the weekend to spend time with family and get some business accomplished while we are there. See you all on Sunday or Monday - not sure when we are returning!


Stella said...

Sounds like a wonderful and needed trip. Have a great time and Happy Birthday!

Karly said...

Happy Birthday Carrie!! Glad you have joined us in the 30's!! Have a safe trip home- Karly