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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sleeping All Night!

Victor has slept for four nights in a row now! At least 7 hours each night! I am soooo happy! He's 7 weeks old now, and wears 6 month clothes! He's taking after Derrick :o) I cannot believe how big he is now. He's been smiling and even giggles now. He's also started "talking" which is so fun. I've really enjoyed him the last few days!

Gran and Grandpa also made it up here to see the kids. We've had a nice visit - short tho. They arrived yesterday and leave tomorrow morning. Poor Grandpa, I don't think he got to hold Victor very much bcuz Gran was hogging him! :o) Victor was very well loved these last two days!

The kids also got new coloring crayons and books. They LOVE to color. I've started coloring with them more lately - it's very therapeutic. I'm going to go buy my own set of crayons and coloring book in a few days when I have time to run uptown.

We went swimming today. After work, Ryan picked me up and we headed over to the hotel. Derrick had a BLAST - I can't even describe how much fun this little guy had. Eve took a while, but I finally just grabbed her and dragged her around the pool. She squeezed on me for dear life! She was so scared. But I made sure not to mess around, and didn't get her face wet, etc. Then she came around. But I bet we swam for an hour and a half. I was EXHAUSTED after getting my butt kicked at Applebee's, then swimming. Man, I was almost feeling ill. But it was a lot of fun. Eve also liked the "Little Bathtub" - the hot tub. We sat in that for a few minutes. I think she would have sat in there for hours if I let her, but we just did the 10 minutes the sign said. I'll post pics when I bring my camera up (I left it on the kitchen counter and I'm too lazy and tired to go down and get it!).

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