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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bouncer, Outfit and Smiling?

Thanks Soon-to-be Auntie Sarah and Uncle Scott for the bouncer! We finally used part of your gift card :o) He's not a huge fan of it, but he is content for a few minutes right now, and I'm glad we have it so he can start reaching for the toys that attach to it to work on his hand-eye coordination.

The outfit he's wearing is a 6month outfit from Great-Gramma Thomas - thanks! There's a hat that goes with it, but I forgot to put it on him. But he's worn it a few times and people have complimented it every time!

Victor smiled for the first time when I was taking these pictures and I got so excited that I hit the "off" button on the camera instead of the "take a picture" button :o( I was so sad. Derrick was there with me when he did it, and saw I was disappointed, so he said, "I'll make him smile!" Ha ha! I didn't laugh too much, as I don't want Derrick thinking this is ok to do all the time :o)

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