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Friday, February 20, 2009

Victor's First Babysitter

So I'm at work today, and Ryan calls to say he had been called into work early. I found a sitter for about the hour overlap that we had today, but now I needed one for about 3 hours. Not something I wanted to deal with while I was at work, but I gave Ryan a few names to call and I'm so glad that he got Sarah Barbosa to watch the kids. They LOVE Mrs. Barbosa and I have the hardest time getting them to leave her house - which is such a wonderful issue to have, knowing they love it there. I remember when I was pregnant with Victor Derrick thought we should name the baby "Mrs. Barbosa"! Anyways, I survived Victor's first time needing a sitter :o) I just worry about the times he'd cry. But he was a super good baby! But I don't know how parents do it full-time - putting their kids in childcare. And to pay for THREE!? That's crazy!

V's growing like a weed. I was wondering if he'd be anything like Derrick in his growing. At two weeks he hadn't grown in length at all. And only weighed 8#8oz. Now, I'm not sure he's gained a lot of weight - but he sure has grown in length! And Sarah even commented on how long he is. So we'll see when I bring him into the doc in about 10 days. Alright, I'd better get to sleep. Ryan's gone all weekend so I need my sleep for sanity :o)

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