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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Date Auction

Happy Valentine's Day! For you singles out there, or just single today, I'm having a date auction. Send me a message what your bid is :o)

#1 is full of energy and loves to color pictures for you.
#2 is full of conversations and loves to help you cook, you will not have a dull moment all evening.
#3 loves to cuddle and stare at you before he falls asleep.

Auction for each individual ends once the first bid is placed. Minimum $20 bid. Dates must be picked up by 5pm and returned no later than midnight in same condition they were picked up in. If damaged in any way, bidder will face the Wrath of Mother. Proceeds are being donated to the Adult Zeldenrust Entertainment Evening Fund. All sales are final.

So which will it be?

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