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Sunday, February 15, 2009


#1 - I got a text on Friday from Ryan. Here's how it went:

Your son just ran up to me crying "Zale just boned me!" I said, "How did he do that?" He said, "Right in the head!" Reality - Zale dropped his bone on his head. :o)

#2 - Yesterday the kids were looking at a wallpaper book that I got for us to use for projects. Evie pointed out that there was a unicorn on one page. Derrick said it wasn't a unicorn, it was a "unicorn pig." I asked him what a unicorn pig was. He said, "It means it has a horn on it's nose." I then informed Derrick that it was actually called a "Rhino." :o)

#3 - Derrick and I were watching an old TV show online. During the credits a bunch of Earths were on the screen, making a spiral. Derricks said, "There's a lot of moons!" I told, "When a moon is blue and green, then it's called 'Earth' and that Mankato is on Earth." He said, "Oh. There's a lot of Mankatos on those Earths (pointing out there were multiple Earths, therefore multiple Mankatos)." Then he went on to say, "And G lives on G's World." Ha ha! He couldn't remember "New Richmond" so he said mom lived on her own world! :o)

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