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Sunday, February 8, 2009


A friend of mine has a book with each of her kids' names on them, followed by -ism. I'm going to start this with my kids also - a book of things that are so darn cute that they have said. Here's the latest from the mind of Evie:

I had told the kids that they are not allowed to touch the formula that is in the refrigerator. I told them that is Victor's food and they should never open it or even touch it. I never realized that I didn't tell them what it is called. Anyways, so yesterday I was making a protein shake for me, and the powder is in a canister sort of like the formula can. Eve was watching me make my shake, and when I put the powder in, she asked, "Oh, you're putting in baby sugar?" Ha! I LOVE how kids name things with words they know. Baby sugar.

Another one she had a few days ago was when I was getting cleaned up in the bathroom. She asked if I need panties, and a shirt and stuff like that. She looks up at me and says, "I'll go get them for you." Hey, I'm all about help and was curious as to what outfit she'd pick out for me. A minute or so later I hear her yelling to me from in our bedroom, "Do you need a booby strap?!" Ha! That's three-year-old lingo for, "Do you need a bra?" Oh, Evie. My world is never dull with you around :o)

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