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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First Time Fishing!

D's first catch! A 6" weed :o)
The fish was "THIS BIG!"

Daddy making sure D is casting correctly.

We went fishing with all the kids yesterday! After three casts, Derrick had it down! He fished with Ryan for about an hour and a half! He was so cute. Ryan called for my attention (I was walking on the shore with Eve) to look at him and D on the dock. Here's the conversation he told me about...

D - Daddy, I think I have a fish.
R - Oh yeah? Keep reeling it in. (Not thinking he actually had one)
D - Look Daddy - there's my fish!

Ryan looked and he had one! Unfortunately, as they were bringing it out of the water, the bass flip-flopped around and broke the line! Derrick was so sad that he lost his pink worm.

I told Derrick he should call Papa and tell him what happened. He said, "No! Papa would be so sad!" So he didn't call him. But I did - it's such a cute story :o)

Eve was ok with all the fishing. She was more into walking along the shore and looking at all the half-eaten fish that birds have caught and whatnot. We found a turtle egg! I pointed it out and she was like - COOL! And picked it up and threw it out into the water! Little stinker. I wanted a closer look at it!

Victor slept most of the time. It was nice being the only ones on the shore, so Victor slept in the truck with us a few feet away. It was SO windy - the water was incredibly choppy. So it was hard to fish.

Ryan caught a lure that his friend lost a few days earlier! Ha ha! How ironic.

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