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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Formula and X-rays

I took Victor in to see the doctor. She switched his formula, but not to soy! Yay! He HATES soy formula - we had been giving that a try the last few days, with no luck. He screams for hours, and then gives up and goes to sleep. :o( I gave him the new formula today to see if he'd take it - not a problem! So I hope this helps get rid of his diarrhea. I also am cutting back on the amount of cheese I eat (*sigh* *tears*), broccolli (is that spelled right???), cauliflower, tomato juice (not a problem - ick!), and orange juice (don't drink it either!), onions, stuff like that. We'll watch him over the next week to two weeks (my guess is I'll check in two weeks) to see if things have changed. He has not spit up yet today, so that's a good sign!

Since we were in, she checked his left hip. It still "clunks" a little bit when she moves it around, so we did x-rays to see if it's coming out of place or what's causing the "clunk". All I have to say, is they should have nurses hold down babies, NOT MOMS! Oh he was screaming and his legs had red marks on where I had to hold him down (since you're not supposed to move when getting an x-ray). I know I wasn't hurting him, but he was ticked off! We'll find out either Friday or Monday what the x-rays say. So say a prayer that Victor's hip is just fine/will heal on its own, as I do not want to have to have him put in a brace or cast! Can you imagine a 3-month old in a cast?! He's not supposed to go in a walker or exersaucer, which is fine - we don't have either one right now! I do have a free one coming, but I guess we'll have to wait to put him in it for a short time.

PS - he's now 12# 5 oz. He gained 2 pounds in the last 5 weeks! I still can't believe how not-chubby this little guy is! Derrick was over 12 pounds by 2 weeks! But Victor is just a lean little guy :o) Super cute if I dare say so :o)

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