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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

4 Months Old!

Victor is 4 months old already! He is back to his old giggly, happy self now that those two teeth are about halfway in. He still gnaws every now and again, so it's either those two teeth finishing their entry, or he may be starting some new ones. It wouldn't surprise me!
He likes eating the cereal; however, as you can see, he's not very good at it yet! Tonight I tried it again, but he ended up with cereal all over his fists, neck, cheeks, in his nose, eyes and ears. He did very well at making quite the mess! He'd get so excited when he saw the spoon that he would giggle and shove his fist in his mouth!
He is also very good at doing pushups. So I made sure to catch him doing one tonight for you!

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