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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Grabbing Things

Victor has mastered grabbing onto his toys that dangle in front of him! Well, only with his left hand. But it's a start. We've been working on this for a few weeks. Today he just sat and concentrated until he could grab onto that toy! We need to get him a little walker, as he is only happy when he is upright. I'd love to do an exersaucer, but those things are huge and with all those crazy things to look at, no wonder kids these days have ADD! I'd go crazy looking at all those obnoxious colors all over. Anyways, we sold our walker 2 summers ago when we thought we were done with babies, and we really had no where to store it. Now I want it back, bcuz it's the perfect size for our lower level! Oh well, maybe it'll go on sale soon. :o)

PS - I also got to rock Eve today before she went to bed (hey, she was up for anything to not have to go to bed for a few extra minutes!). It was kind of nice. She's a good cuddler. However, it also brought back some not-so-fun memories of her as a baby. :o( But she's bigger now, and so much better to be around!

PPS - for those of you that didn't know this - Mom and Marcie have been traveling around Austria for the last few days. Mom still won't be home until sometime next week. That would be so much fun to do! I really hope Marcie goes to Germany next spring to study so I can come and visit her! I've always wanted to go there - see where my great-grandparents came from. I'm pretty much 100% German, however I do not have any of the German traits - like stubbornness :o)

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