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Friday, April 24, 2009

To Do List

Don't read this. It will only make you depressed. I'm putting my to do list on here so I can actually get something accomplished. Any time I write it on paper, I lose the paper :o) Can't lose the internet! Well, I guess you can, but nevertheless...Here goes...

1. Pick up legos and put away so kids can't ever play with them again.
DONE 2. Put toys in the correct bins or toy box.
DONE 3. Vacuum.
DONE 4. Pack up toys I don't want in this house any more.
DONE 5. Do laundry - especially the baby poo filled ones (baby poo ones are done!)
DONE 6. Take down the clothesline.
7. Clean toilet.
8. Clean out cooler.
9. Take out garbage.
10. Wash windows.
DONE 11. Organize Movies (put DVDs back in cases)

DONE 1. Do all the dishes.
DONE 2. Put all the dishes away.
DONE 3. Clean off the counter.
DONE 4. Clean out the microwave.
5. Clean out refrigerator (D cracked an egg in it and I missed a bunch of it)
DONE 6. Wash tablecloth.
DONE 7. Sweep floor.
8. Scrub floor.
9. Clean out oven.
10. Wash windows.
11. Put away papers in basket.
12. Organize spice cupboard.
DONE 13. Clean coffee pot.

1. Clean tub again. (We finally got the drain to work!)
DONE 2. Put clothes in laundry room.
3. Clean floor - esp. the cereal I found behind the toilet yesterday when I took garbage out?????
4. Clean sink.
DONE 5. Clean toilet.
6. Clean shower curtain.
7. Wash windows.

Kids' Room
DONE 1. Organize clothes into right storage bins.
DONE 2. Throw summer clothes in laundry room to wash.
3. Donate clothes that I don't have room to store.
DONE 4. Pick up toys.
DONE 5. Put books on bookshelf (is it really that hard NOT to pull all the books onto the floor everyday???)
DONE 6. Wash the kids' beddings.
7. Wash windows.
DONE 8. Put bedding back on kids' beds before bedtime!

Our Room
1. Put all the laundry away.
DONE 2. Wash our bedding.
3. Organize the bookshelf (there's no kids books on them, why do they have to pull ours off the shelves too!?!)
DONE 4. Organize the movies.
DONE 5. Vacuum.
DONE 6. Take plastic off the windows.
7. Wash windows.
DONE 8. Put bedding back on our bed by bedtime!

Living Room
DONE 1. Pick up blankets.
DONE 2. Pick up stuff and throw away.
DONE 3. Vacuum.
DONE 4. Organize shoes - put old shoes in storage bin to store.
DONE 5. Throw out boxes.
DONE 6. Water the plants.
7. Clean out area to the side of the couch (don't ask).
8. Wash windows.

DONE 1. Set up appt for Victor's FOUR MONTH checkup!
2. Set up appt for D's KINDERGARTEN checkup!
DONE 3. Print off copy of a student loan.
DONE 4. Fax off that copy of the student loan.
DONE 5. Call Bridget
6. Transfer points
DONE 7. Get paperwork together for MACS
8. Stay sane.
9. Call the student loan people.
DONE 10. Call bank on property.
DONE 11. Call bank to set up time to figure out mortgage for new property.
DONE 12. Have a fun evening with Ryan :o)
DONE 13. Find my planner so I can write all this stuff in!
DONE 14. Download pics from Mom.


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