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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Tooth!

IT'S FINALLY HERE! Victor has been drooling and cranky on and off for many weeks now. Today, he was giggling and just unbelievably happy again. I stuck my finger in his mouth, like I have done almost every day, to rub his gums and I felt a tiny, sharp corner of his first tooth!

We got our new dryer last night. Did our first loads of laundry (I'm DAYS behind) last night, and this morning, I threw another load into the dryer. Our whites. When I took them out after work, they were multicolored. One of the kids put a handful of color crayons in one of my socks, and a bunch had fallen out :o( Our brand new dryer is now colored on the inside also. I hope I can get the crayons out of the whites, especially the baby quilt Mom had made Derrick before he was born. Our first two kids used it, and I was cleaning it so Victor could use it now. *Sigh*

OH! I also went upstairs to get Victor this morning, and he was laying on his back. I'm like - I don't remember putting you on your back! (All three kids have slept on their tummies) He had rolled over again! So it's official, he's becoming mobile!

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