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Friday, April 17, 2009

Tooth #2!

AH! He's got two teeth now! It has been a VERY long night and day. He does not teeth well. He screamed so much I finally called the doctor, but there was nothing else we could do. However, we'll give Ambesol a shot, but other than that, nothing consoles him. He was screaming so bad that he was shaking :o( At about 1pm today, he finally gave up and slept. Oh that poor little guy. We actually took a few walks yesterday and today, but even then he's not so happy. I just want my happy little boy back!

The older two have LOVED being outside the last few days. We had a picnic at the park yesterday for dinner, and they slept GREAT last night! We went for a short walk today and they blew bubbles as they walked. It was cute. There is a house 2 blocks away that burned down, so I took them down to see it to show them what happens when people play with fire. I obviously have no idea how it burned, but as a mom, I'll use it to enforce them to never play with fire :o)

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