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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Don't forget me!

I want to write too! I'll make sure you don't forget about me! My favorite toy right now is the box Evie's car seat came in! We crawl around in it until it breaks, then Daddy throws it away. But it's really fun!

I've been waking up at 5-530am every day since the time change. Mommy and Daddy try their hardest to go back to sleep, but when I wake up, I want to play toys and there's no changing my mind! But today I was a good boy and just stayed in Mommy and Daddy's bed until Mommy left this morning. Then I was ready to go!

I also like our new truck. Marcie's car is nice too, but I like the big black truck! And there is a CD player in it, so Daddy put some music in. I had to remind Mommy to turn it up so I could sing to it.

Luv Dirkie

(Derrick was singing - it was so cute! He would hear one word, then sing only that word thru the next line, hear another word, sing only that word thru the next line - very cute! And he remembered the tune - so that was good! His favorite song to sing to is 500 Miles or whatever it's called - all he sings is "Be the Man...Be the Man...")

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