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Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Blog

Well, I decided to try a Blog instead of the Babysite. I'm hoping it will be easier for me, and for y ou to view. So, you should be able to see all the pics without having to click on each one. However, until I figure it all out, if you click on the pic, it will make it HUGE :o) Sorry!

Well, I've worked the last two days and then today. I love subbing! And it's a much needed time for myself away from the kids. Ryan has stayed home with them the last few days, however I think he needs a break to sleep. He's so good with the kids, but just like me, when you don't get enough sleep, they can wear you down pretty good.

I'll be meeting Mom up in the cities today - the kids are off to G and Papa's house for the weekend! They are really looking forward to this. They love it there.

Ryan and I are headed to Council Bluffs, IA - Omaha area. We're looking forward to our weekend! And driving our new truck :o) It's so nice having it. Ryan can finally drive now that he fits! So I don't have to do all the driving!

Mom and Dad are also giving us their old digital camera until we get a new one - so after this weekend - look for new pics!

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