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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lord's Prayer

So the last few weeks I brought the kids to a new church - all by myself! And they've done pretty good. I enjoy it not being so "boring" - the pastor is more engaging in his sermons, the music isn't so 17th century, and the congregation is younger (for the most part, I still like that some of my favorite customers at Applebee's go there!). The only complaint I have with the kids is that they like to kneel on the floor and color on their chair seats. I'm trying to get them to sit, and if they color or read a book, that's fine. But they need to be sitting. The chairs aren't bolted down, so they end up moving them around and bumping people. But not often, just enough that I want to nip it in the butt before I can't any more.

Anyways, I realized the kids don't know the Lord's Prayer. And thought I should probably teach them this so they can "participate" more in the service. So today I decided that at lunch before we eat, we'd say the Lord's Prayer to get familiar with it. I said a line, and had them repeat it. I said, "Hallowed be Thy name" and Derrick replied with "Hallowed be my name, Dirkie." Ha ha! I love having them repeat things and seeing how they try to say it! They are so innocent.

I actually had the day off today! I was so nervous that I read the schedule wrong that I called in this morning just to make sure. I'm trying to get the house organized (not totally working). Sometimes when I have so much to do I just do nothing but write on my blog :o)

So to make me feel better, this is what I have accomplished today:

1. Put that stuff up on the windows in the kids' room to keep cold air from coming in.
2. Went to the store and made a list of stuff to order for the kids' Christmas presents.
3. Bought something to help light our pilot light of our furnace so we don't freeze to death this weekend.
4. Put 3-4 loads of laundry away.
5. Folded another 2 loads of laundry. Still need to put them away.
6. Fed the kids breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner.
7. Watched 3:10 to Yuma. Not sure I liked it.
8. I made it to my PT appt - feeling better, so baby must not have grown a whole lot this week.
9. Let my husband go play basketball :o)
10. Cut Derrick's hair - I did pretty good, but I do hope it grows back quickly :o)
11. Cleaned up pee on the kitchen floor bcuz Eve didn't make it to the toilet.
12. Went grocery shopping, and let the kids have their own kiddy carts. That was fun...sort of.
13. Played on the computer. Ok, now I'm stretching :o)

What's left?
1. Order more window wrap stuff.
2. Put another 4 loads of laundry away.
3. Find a bassinet, since the kids broke ours a few days ago :o(
4. Do the dishes, ALL of them.
5. Vacuum.
6. Clean off the table.
7. Make peanut butter rice krispy bars.
8. Keep cleaning the basement so we can move the TV down there.

There, that should be good enough. Hmm, will it get done? You'll just have to wait and see...

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