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Friday, October 17, 2008

Quick Update

I'm heading off to work here shortly, so I thought I'd better quick update before the weekend flies by like usual!

I'm doing pretty well. Therapy has helped, for the most part. But every time my body shifts to make room for the growing baby, I get a setback. However, still no major, killing pains that make me want to cry. I have had trouble doing some of the exercises, mainly bcuz I need to lie flat on the floor, and that pressure still hurts my hip. Went to the Chiro today and wanted to scream when she tried to push on my hip. She lightened up the next time, still painful, but glad things are back where they should be! I even noticed I could stretch with less pain - yeah!

We were supposed to go out with some friends last night at 10pm for some wings. I wasn't able to find a sitter, so Ryan just went. It's MEA weekend, and midterm weekend, so my sitters were gone and Brian and Josie took the one that wasn't in school! :o) I fell asleep shortly after 10pm, and woke up around 830am. Of course it wasn't straight thru, Eve woke up, Derrick woke up, you know the drill! I thought today would be a breeze, but I'm still tired. This is about the time I drag butt :o)

Cute story to end the post. Yesterday we brought Ryan some lunch and ate it with him at work. There was a flyer with some Halloween costumes on it. Derrick was going thru it, saying "I want to be a ninja for Halloween. Oh, I want to be a doctor for Halloween..." Then we hear him say, "I'm going to be a BUTT for Halloween!" We're like, he must have said "bug." No bug on the flyer. He repeated, and again said "Butt". So we looked at the flyer - it was a costume for a Whoopie Cushion! Ha ha! He said he'd wear it so he could make "butt noises." I like that, sounds better than saying "fart." Dirkie, Dirkie.

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