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Friday, October 3, 2008

New Outfit

Thanks Gran! I LOVE my new candy outfit!
The kids are also enjoying going to The Little Red School House. This is the *gulp* daycare that I found that could take them once a week. When I say they are going to go play there, they usually clap and jump up and down. So I'm glad they like it there. I just needed someone on Tuesdays, and this way they get to play with a few other kids. It's small, which I like. So far they have been there three times, and each time they've gotten outside for a few hours! You should have seen them yesterday - they were covered in leaves and dirt and paint. They had a BLAST and crashed after dinner. Well worth it :o) It's almost like a little preschool. They may not be learning numbers and letters (I can help teach them that), but they do art projects and other stuff. They usually don't want to leave when I come to pick them up!
It's hit me the last few days that in less than a year, Derrick will be gone for 8 hours a day M-F! I can't believe he'll be in Kindergarten. I hope the school we wanted to send him to changes back to 1/2 day. This all day Kindergarten I don't really care for. And this fall was the first time they switched to be like every other school in Mankato, so now there is no more option of 1/2 day :o(
We also have to replace both water heaters in the duplex :o( Bummer. But at least I'll be able to take a shower for longer than 10 minutes with hot water! :o)

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Stella said...

Evie is getting so big!!!