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Sunday, October 5, 2008

12 weeks to go!

Only 12 weeks (about) to go! Baby is about 2 pounds now, and over 14 inches from head to toe. Baby's active. Gets the hiccups or something like them and it annoys me :o) I'm VERY tired. The closing shifts on the weekends are starting to get to me. So I'll give them a few more tries and we'll see if I can handle it. Otherwise I'll drop down to just a first-off instead. I haven't been first-off in so long! I was scheduled for it yesterday, but when I returned to work it was changed, so I closed. But it went well. Pretty slow, and I know it's bad to say - but I'm so glad it was!

My hip still hurts to the point it takes my breath away and I don't want to move. Usually when I'm sitting on the floor, or trying to get out of a vehicle. I haven't had that kind of pain when walking - so that's good! It's painful to do the exercises, but I still try to do them. I figured anything will help, right?

Kids are doing well. Getting over a bit of a cold. Our old humidifier had some water (and some mold growing - ICK!) from last winter, so that got thrown out. So I'm looking into a new one as I'm sure we'll use it this winter sometime. Ryan and I also looked at making bunkbeds for the kids so we can fit three in that room. So we'll see how that goes.

Derrick is getting very good at drawing - especially stick figures and faces. It's pretty cute! Eve absolutely LOVES to color. They can spend hours coloring and doodling. I gave them each a notepad of paper and it kept them occupied for a wonderful length of time :o)

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