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Thursday, October 30, 2008

To Do List

Hold me accountable - someone needs to! Here's what I want accomplished today, very badly!

1. Clean off the table - kids have had fun making projects, and there's stuff everywhere!
2. Clean out and organize the refrigerator.
3. Clean off the top of the refrigerator.
4. Clean off the counters.
5. Shoot the dog. I mean take him to the dog park. He's driving me NUTS!
6. Get the groceries.
7. Take kids to the library without screaming fits.
8. Vacuum living room and hallway.
9. Empty out both boxes of toys in the living room and put them away. NO MORE TOYS UPSTAIRS!
10. Wash kitchen floor.
11. Make it to my doc appt.
12. Stop in and see Ryan and work.
13. Take kids trick or treating tonight since I work tomorrow - they are having one INSIDE up at Bethany. And eat 1/2 their chocolate candy. :o) Kids don't need that much sugar anyways :o)

So, 13 things. I can do that. There's so much more to do. But I'd like the main floor to be cleaned. We want to bring home a desk this weekend, and I need to get everything ready to move around. So why bother cleaning before I make another mess, well - that's my mommy brain's way of thinking right now. So I'll just go with it :o)

2. Done.
5. Ryan's taking him for a walk. Close enough.
6. Done
7. DONE! Without a fight!
8. 1/2 Done - Hallway only.
11. Done
12. Done
13. Done

After 5 hours uptown, I only have 3 done :o( And I'm exhausted. More came up that I needed to get done sooner than later that weren't on my list, but that's what happens. Kids are watching a movie from the library. So now's the time to get the rest done. I have just over an hour to get the cleaning stuff done. Ready...Set...Yeah Right, but GO!

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