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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

10,000th Visitor!

Who's it gonna be? Sign the guestbook please! You'll win a fantastic prize of spending a whole month with my kids! Ok, maybe not. But seriously, be proud of your timing and let us know who you are! Even if you are just a random person clicking on blogs :o)

We went and saw Santa yesterday...Again. Slowly trying to get Eve to go near him. She is way shy around him and didn't want anything to do with him once she saw him. We've told her that she doesn't get any presents from Santa unless she tells him what she wants. So Derrick jumps right up there and rattles off all these things he wants. And tells Santa what Eve would like, what a nice big brother. So we start leaving and Eve starts whimpering again. I asked her what was wrong - and she said, "I want to get presents" in this little shy, whiny voice. She knew she had to talk to Santa or else there were no presents for her. And just an hour or so beforehand, she had found THE Christmas present Santa had to get her - miniature My Little Ponies - a pack of three! She freaked out when she saw them! So I slowly walked up to Santa with her. She hid like usual and told me to tell Santa for her. But I said I wouldn't (need to help her get over her fears you know!). And Santa remembered what Derrick had said she wanted, so he asked her if she wanted a Pony. And a few seconds later she looked up, and said, "A Purple pony. Little, tiny pony." And then hid again! It was so cute! Here's two pics. The one of Eve was as close as she'd go to Santa until she realized she wouldn't get any presents. :o)


Kock Fam said...

darn it I was 10003!!!

The Zeldenrust Family said...

ah! no one claimed it! well, i guess you're the lucky winner since no one else signed :o)

Jackie said...

Dang it, I missed it too :( Happy Holidays!!!!