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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Less than a Month to go!

Alrighty. We are down to the last few weeks here. So, for starters - any of you want me to text you right after the baby is born - I need your #! Send an email to me (carriezeldenrust@yahoo.com) or text me (507-317-9338) and let me know! I have quite the list going, but I'm sure my mommy brain missed a few of you. Otherwise check here - I'll have my doula update this site when I allow her to leave the hospital :o)

Kids are doing well. We are into "projects" right now. We made some for Christmas gifts, so I can't tell you what they are yet :o) But they did turn out pretty stinking cute! We went to the wallpaper store and got the outdated/discontinued books so we can use them to practice cutting, gluing, etc. They had Spider-man wallpaper and Dora wallpaper. The kids were pretty excited.

I will try ordering my digital camera again :o( It wouldn't give me free shipping the last times I tried, and now it went up in price - bummer! So I will check again today. I really want one that takes nice pics (not that the one mom loaned me doesn't!) but I want the video part to take longer than 15 second videos. I want to get Derrick to say the Lord's Prayer on it and stuff like that. Tomorrow my friend Amy is loaning me her camera for D's Christmas program at church. I'm so excited to see him "sing" - I'm sure he'll be like any other 4 year old up there and just looking around waving at people :o) So, stay tuned tomorrow night - I'll post the video if I can get it to upload!

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