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Monday, December 15, 2008

Pics and Videos Finally!

Here's a couple of pics on our way to D's Christmas program.

PLUS - I broke down and got a new camera! So there will be even more pics to see here! Aren't you excited? :o) No more just reading, you'll actually get to see the kids!

We also are making sugar cookies. The kids are having fun rolling the dough into balls, then squishing them and using the tiny cookie cutters we got them for Christmas, but I figured we needed to use them before then :o) I think Eve likes to eat the cookie dough more. We'll be frosting them too, and I'm sure that will get messy, so I'll have my camera ready!

8 years ago tonight Ryan proposed, during a blizzard. How ironic that we have had nasty weather the day or so. Where has the time gone?

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