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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Creative Kids

On Wednesday, Derrick has his first Christmas Sunday School program. It was very cute! My friend, Amy, loaned me her camera so I could video tape it. However, I can't seem to get it off the card and onto the computer so I can upload it for you all to watch :o( So I'll have to figure that out shortly.

The kids are really into their projects. They really like to paint - of course, it's the one thing that makes the biggest mess. But they do really well.

I started decorating today with the kids for Christmas. I put two strings of ribbon down our side window in the living room. One green, one red. We're hanging all our Christmas cards from it. Eve was SO EXCITED - she told me "It looks like Christmas in my house!" So we'll do some more here tomorrow and the next few days.

We bought Derrick a calendar (full of all the super heroes he's into) for Christmas. He's always asking what day is it today and what we are going to do and "Who's going to babysitter us today." :o) Babysitter us. He's too cute. Anyways, so I printed off a calendar for December. We went thru and put stickers on certain days - like a snowman on the first day of winter, the letter "B" stickers went on the days they go to Mrs. Barbosa's house - they LOVE it there! And Christmas Eve and Day we have Christmas type stickers on them. I asked Derrick what day (24th) this was and he said Christmas. I said, this is actually Christmas Eve, the day before...And he said, "Christmas Dirk!" Haha! He thought one day was a Christmas for Evie, and the other was a Christmas day for him! Not sure how I'm going to explain that one just yet.

The kids also are so into their colored pencils. Nate watched them for us the other weekend and bought them some eraseable colored pencils and two pencil sharpeners. Man these kids have been on cloud 9 since then! I still haven't been able to get Derrick to hold a pencil normal, he doesn't seem to care. But he colors so nicely now. Eve, does pretty good, and holds a pencil perfectly.

That's about it for now. Just over 3 weeks to go! I'm starting to get excited now. I think I've been so busy the last 8 months that I just didn't have a whole lot of time to really think about it - it seemed so far off! But now it's getting closer. The kids are sure it's a girl baby. And they know the girl's name I like and am trying to get Ryan to agree to :o) And Eve still says that the boy baby's name is "Doctor." So if this little one is a boy, he's got a lot to live up to :o)

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