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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Decorating

Alright. I love Christmas decorations. But not putting them up! Or at least not when I'm way preggo :o)

I still can't get Eve's little voice saying, "It's Christmas in my home" out of my head. She said it so soft, but so in awe. So I broke down and decorated some more.

I'm anal when it comes to Christmas stockings. I want them all to match, so I won't get any until we are done having kids. So this year, we had some fun. D and E made their own stockings. It was really fun! I cut out the stocking shapes from paper bags, punched holes all along the sides of them, and had the kids decorate them with a big letter "D" and "E" on each of theirs. They had fun with all the winter and Christmas stickers. Then I had them tie the front and back of the stockings together by weaving red yarn thru the holes. They did so well, I thought I'd have issues getting them to understand how to weave, but they did it without any help after me showing them how to do it in the beginning. Derrick then asked where the stockings go - and pointed out that we didn't have a fireplace to put them on. He thought that's the only place they can go. Downstairs next to the TV there are two hooks in the wall from who knows what, and I hung them up there. Derrick asked if Santa was allowed to go downstairs :o)

We also took the kids Christmas shopping for each other. We gave them each $5 and headed off to the dollar store. Man those kids have fun. I took D, and Ryan took E. It's fun watching them buy stuff for each other - especially when the REALLY found something they want, and they say the other one wants it. Derrick was set that Eve really wanted a bug set. I'm like, Yah I don't think so kid. :o) I guess Eve did the same thing with Ryan. But only once, so that's good.

I had my doc appt on Thursday. Baby is still really high. No dilation :o( And that's the only time she'll check. Unless I have contractions. I'm winding down at work. I get some funny stares from people - geez, you're still working. Yes I am. I would go NUTS sitting at home waiting for baby to come. But I do not close any more. That's too much for me. My last scheduled day is this Monday, and I'll just pick up shifts each day I feel like working.

I've also had some heart arrhythmias. So I am hooked up to a monitor at night. Doesn't bother me to do this, except that the monitor patches ITCH like a son of a gun! I wake up itching at it. Hopefully all is well with that, I do not want to be put on bedrest. So I try to keep hydrated, eat enough (I've been a pig the last few days!), and rest enough (easier said than done this late in pregnancy!), and hopefully that's enough to steer it away. I'm incredibly swollen now tho. But I cannot complain too much, I was this swollen with D and E during my second trimesters, so the last 2 weeks I can handle!

Well, speaking of rest, I should head to bed. Again, I've been trying to get that new digital camera, but I keep getting more and more obstacles in my way. So we'll see. And I'm still waiting on Ryan to get the pics and videos off his phone so I can upload them for you to see of D's Christmas program. I haven't forgotten!

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