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Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Time!

I can't believe it's almost Christmas! The kids are getting excited. Derrick has learned subtraction - we've had a countdown as to how many days there are left until they get to open their presents. He'll say how many days there are, then say then after one more sleep there will be this many days left and so on. Here's what they are doing to get excited or to prepare for the holiday to come...

They love playing Santa. Since Santa will put toys in their stockings, they take their socks and fill them with toys and give them to each other to open.

They keep asking who's gift is for who. Derrick is pretty good about noticing which first letter goes to who's name (except for his own, he knows all the letters). Eve just keeps grabbing presents and asking me who they are for. And is all proud of herself for knowing that "Carrie" is "Mommy" to her :o)

They practice going to sleep on the floor so Santa can come. I told them Santa will only come when they are sleeping. I have to say, at nighttime, it's been easier to get them to sleep :o) What am I going to do after Christmas?!

They love to turn on the lights on the "Christmas table" - where my town scene is. And turning on the lights around their Christmas stockings.

Looking at Christmas lights I think is their favorite (at least until they get to open their presents!). They like to look out the truck window and find the lights on homes - "Oh! Dirkie's side!" or "On Evie's side!" they'll yell as they find lights on their sides of the road.

Stay tuned for pics. I work tomorrow morning, will try to pick up a shift on Wednesday morning after we open our presents and before we leave for home. So it might be after Christmas before you get Christmas presents.

AND stay tuned for another bundle to arrive shortly after Christmas!

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