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Sunday, July 27, 2008

17 Weeks

Baby is now 17 weeks old :o) It's skeleton is turning from cartilage to bone, which is probably why I've been noticing I need more calcium in the last few days (I get restless leg syndrome when I'm lacking calcium). So I'll get the bottle of calcium out and make sure I have more of that at nighttime. Baby's ears are also developing the ability to hear.

Pretty sure I felt the baby move on Friday, so it's becoming more and more "real" to me. I had to buy maternity pants for work on Friday also, which are too big and don't want to stay up, but I'm sure in a few weeks they'll fit :o)

We've been putting the kids to bed at different times at night, and for the last week, it's worked very well. No more fights at bedtime or talking or getting out of bed, etc. Eve goes down around 630, Derrick's down around 8. Eve doesn't like to take naps like she's always been, so we do quiet time in the afternoon so Mom can take a nap :o) And Eve gets her down time. Today she was in her room for almost 2 hours! Just reading books and playing quietly with a stuffed animal :o)

We have to paint the apartment this week and finish the floor. Some light cleaning, too. Not a big deal, just a bit time consuming. It will be so nice once the guys are all moved in!

Tomorrow is Ryan's last day of training to keep his job. What a dumb situation. Can't wait to be out of Bethany! So the kids are off to Mrs. Kovaciny's house again - they really like it there!

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