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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fun with Friends

Today Evie and I went to Mrs. Kovaciny's house to play with Vianna, Simon and Tavia. We had soooo much fun! I was excited when Mom said we get to go to their house. AND we get to go there tomorrow again! Here's some pics of us playing at their house. Mrs. Kovaciny likes Ron Paul, so she put some shirts on us and took a pic so we could show Mommy and Daddy, and they thought it was funny. I didn't like wearing the shirt.
Tonight at bedtime, Mommy showed me how to use my fingers to make a #2, and that it also makes bunny rabbit ears, and then Mommy said I should make my fingers into a #2 and say "Peace". So I made my fingers say #2, and then I said, "Piece...of CHOCOLATE!" Mommy thought that was funny. I guess that was the wrong "Peace/Piece". :o)

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