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Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Reinstating of the Magnet Board

Derrick keeps asking for new Turtles. I said I didn't have money for them, that he should use his own money. He responded - "I don't have any moneys." So I gave each kid 8 "chores" to do during the day, and if they did them all by bedtime, they get a quarter. I figured after 4 days they'd have a dollar and we could go to the dollar store for them to see that only after a few days they can get something. So far so good (with one exception). Here's a list of their "chores" for the day:

1 - Make their bed. All I care is that the blanket is on the BED, not on the FLOOR.
2 - Get dressed. They'd rather run around in their underwear than get dressed. So now the "have to".
3 - D has to give Zale water, E has to give Zale food. This is the one exception. Eve likes to overflow Zale's dish, then try to scoop it all out and dump in on the floor. Today I got out of the shower with the kitchen and dining room floors COVERED in dog food.
4 - Pick up toys. We've started in the living room. We'll work our way to the downstairs next week :o) But one room at a time to keep clean!
5 - Set the table. All we require is that they pick out their own fork or spoon. I don't have that many dishes left since they drop them. So until they learn not to drop plates and bowls, we'll stick with the utensils.
6 - Clean their rooms. HOLY CRAP I could never get them to put the books back ON the shelf, they would just throw them at the shelf. And dirty clothes go down the laundry shoot. So far, we got half the room pretty good. Now we just need to finish up and put the toys and stuffed animals downstairs.
7 - Get ready for bed. They like to sleep in their clothes for some reason. So now they sleep in their underwears. Whatever, it's hot. As long as it wasn't their full outfit for the the day, I'm ok! Go potty, and get a glass of water for by their beds, and then they are all set.
8 - Brush their teeth. For some reason, they don't like to do this (who does really). But if that's the last step in getting a quarter - they'll do it!

So not too difficult right? Think we can do it? They each earned a quarter yesterday! Derrick is really good at it, Eve could care less. So I have to remind her what she is going to buy with her money - keep the dream alive! :o)

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